Q1) What is size of you company? What kind of company are you?

Vallitop is Chinese manufacture of high-endBathroom Accessories and Bathroom LED cosmetic mirror. We have 5000square meter workshop and 50 key employees in product design, product development, warehouse management, polishing production, quality control and assembly production departments.  During busy season,number of employee will reach 100 to 120 people.

Q2) what is your main business?

Our main business is the production and design of high-end safety handrails, bathroom accessories, Bathroom LED cosmetic mirrors and bathroom auxiliary hardware. At the same time, we accept OEM orders from overseas wholesalers, well-known brands and hotel engineering customers.

Q3) What type of bathroom hardware products do you produce?

We produce safety handrials, bathroom accessories, bathroom cosmetic mirror / vanity mirror  and bathroom auxiliary hardware.

Safety handrails: steel safety handrails, stainless steel handicap handrails, etc.

Bathroom Accessories: towel bar, towel holder, tumbler holder, soap dish holder, paper roll holder, toilet paper holder, toilet brush holder, bathroom shelf, bathroom basket in zinc alloy, stainless steel and brass material.

Bathroom Cosmetic mirror / makeup mirror: Bathroom LED Cosmetic Mirror, Bathroom vanity mirror with LED and touch switch, Bathroom Free stand shaving mirror, Bathroom Wall mounted mirror.

Bathroom Auxiliary hardware: Public soap dispenser, wall mounted soap dispenser, Hotel soap dispenser, Hotel toilet brush holder, Hotel free stand toilet brush holder.

Q4) How many finishings are available for bathroom accessories, bathroom LED cosmetic mirror and Bathroom Auxiliary hardware

We are producing 5 types of finishings, stainless steel brush, chrome, matte white& black and PVD finishings.

Q5) What is PVD?

PVD is short for physical vapor deposition. PVD can produce numerous decorative colors and have good anti-oxidized characteristic with different surface treatments, brush, polished and matte. It becomes one of the most popular finishings in recent years.

Q6) Does your product have a warranty

We offer a 5-year warranty.If the product has surface quality problems within 5 years, we provide replacement service.

Q7) What is your production and supply capacity

The supply capacity depends on the quantity of orders placed by customers.  For orders less than one 20 foot container, our delivery time is between two weeks and 30 days.  For orders with more than one 40 foot container, our delivery time is between 30 and 35 days.

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    Vallitop is an OEM & ODM Bathroom Accessories and Bathroom shaving / makeup mirror manufacturer from China.

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