Bathroom Accessories VH Series Hand towel holder (GB-VH0171)
Hand towel holder (GB-VH0171)

Hand towel holder (GB-VH0171)

Item#: GB-VH0171

Finish: Matt Black + Rose Gold

VallitopHandtowle holder is mainly used in the bathrooms of luxury hotels and high-class residential projects for hanging towels.  Hand towel holder is usually installed nearwash bin for customer using towels after hand wash.  We provide many colors and designs to match your faucet design.

  • Description

Materials of Vallitop soap dispenser: Stainless steel, brass

Hangeris made out of stainless steel; The base is made out of brass.

Surface treatment:

Vallitop offers three surface treatments.

1. Chrome plated

2. Matte black and matte white

We call it electrophoretic painting. The product is first treated by electrophoresis and then by power painting with high temperature dry out. Electrophoresis treatment ensures that anti-corrosion performance can meet 48 hours acid salt spray test. High temperature dry out enables the paint coating surface to have relatively high hardness and density and has the characteristics of wear resistance and dirt resistance.

3. PVD (physical vapor deposition)

Is the one of the most popular finishings in recent year. PVD can almost make all exceptional colors upon customer’s request. PVD is metallic vapors attached on the product surface, which has the characteristics of stable and lasting colors, not easy to scratch, corrosion resistance and eco-friendly. PVD products meet the 48 hour acid salt spray test standard.





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