Shaving / Makeup Mirror Shaving / Makeup Mirror (NM06DY)
Shaving / Makeup Mirror (NM06DY)
  • NM06DY
  • Shaving / Makeup Mirror (NM06DY)

    Item#: NM06DY

    Finish: Chrome


    1, one mirror; (3X &5X upon customers' request);

    2, two arms;

    Vallitop Bathroom Cosmetic mirrors, used in luxury hotels and high-end residences, are wall-mounted near washbasins for makeup application, shaving, and face cleaning. Users can adjust the swing arm and rotating mirror for comfort. The mirrors offer different magnifications (3x and 5x) and provide optimal lighting for efficient and comfortable facial routines.

    • Description
    1, Material:
    Vallitop's bathroom cosmetic mirrors are primarily made from stainless steel, brass, and zinc alloy, providing a robust and modern appearance. The mirrors are high-quality, ensuring no light leakage or reflection distortion.
    2, Finishes:
    The mirrors come in various finishes, including chrome, matte white & black, and PVD colors, all of which pass the 48-hour acid salt spray test. The matte colors are achieved through electrophoretic painting and high-temperature drying, ensuring corrosion resistance and durability. PVD finishing offers a wide range of colors, with features like scratch resistance and eco-friendliness.
    3, Certificates:
    The mirrors conform to EU standards, with CE and IP44 Certification. The LED light source is CE certified, offering low power consumption and safety. The power supply is CE, CCC, and IP68 certified, ensuring product safety and durability.
    4, Quality Control:
    The installation of Vallitop mirrors requires precision and strict quality control. All components are thoroughly inspected before installation, including the mirror, wires, LED strip, power functions, and switches. This rigorous process ensures the product's function and appearance quality remain excellent and stable during mass production.





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